Rose’s constellation is an audiovisual production

A tribute to the castaways of the sea, those who decide to cross it to flee their hindered countries, feed their families or find their destinies ...

Three moments mark out the visual and sound pattern: Departure - Crossing - Shipwreck.

It's about arranging these tensions.

We have developed, what we call a Citation-Board , a cartography of the perception of a shipwreck experienced by the author of 'The open boat', Stephen Crane, as a war correspondent in 1897. This work comes from the American literature of the nineteenth century, including that of the movement called naturalist.

From this work the artist Irene Baudevin will develop a story-board which will allow us to elaborate the visual frame.

As for music, three distinct parts are already elaborated, what we call Sound Surfaces , for instrumental ensemble disseminated interventions of a soundtrack and for electronics with the intervention of solo instruments.

The final editing will be used to create the video

The duration of the piece will last between 7 'and 11'

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